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We are a growing business, operating by appointment & looking forward to helping you into your next set of wheels, our objective is to offer everyone Personalised Mobility Solutions. Primarily specializing in 3 & 4 wheel mobility e-scooters, if there is a particular style you are after that we do not have, give us a call & we will see what we can do!

In 2009 my wife was diagnosed with MS – Multiple Sclerosis, Primary Progressive and one of the things we found out about MS is, that it adversly affects your mobility. Challenged mobility however does NOT need to define you! We are a bit of an out doorsie kinda family & I wanted to be able to assist her in being able to keep mobile. After a heap of reading, conversations, trials & checks, I began importing scooters, to bridge the gap between being able to be independent – and not..

In 2012 the very 1st model scooter we comenced with was Big Red, since then our range has increased exponentially, where we now carry a variety of over 20 different models. This range aids us to assist in providing you with scooters for everyday use, car replacement styles, to a great variety of travelling and portable companion mobility scooters

Conveniently located in both Christchurch & Rolleston, with a partnership to freight our scooters nationwide – no matter where you are, we’re here for you. We love being able to match the preferred scooter to its new owner, knowing the freedom and independence that it brings. We also have available more than just your typical mobility scooter, we specialise in customising, adapting & personalising your scooter to suit your needs. An example is our Triclops & Harley Boys & expanding into a number of 2-wheel style e-scooters – feel free to come and take them or any of our other scooters for a spin.

We have demo scooters of all models in stock for you to try and available for immediate purchase.

If you wish for something different, we are here to assist you with a personalised service to order in the specific model you request based on your selection & specifications.
Come and see us & find your match!


Jamie – eBikezNZ


Ph: 021 0223 7779 or 0204 EBIKE4

Email: jamie@ebikesnz.com / ebikeznz@gmail.com

Christchurch & Rolleston