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In New Zealand, the Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA) governs the use of mobility scooters, outlining specific regulations to ensure safety for both users and the public. Mobility scooters have a maximum speed restriction of 10 kilometers per hour (km/h) when being used on footpaths and shared paths, emphasizing pedestrian safety in these areas.

On footpaths, mobility scooters are a common mode of transport, providing increased accessibility for individuals with limited mobility. Users are expected to adhere to the prescribed speed limits, promoting a secure environment for pedestrians.

While cycle lanes are primarily designated for bicycles, mobility scooters may be allowed to use them under certain circumstances, subject to local bylaws and signage. However, users must exercise caution and yield to cyclists when sharing these lanes.

When it comes to road use, mobility scooters are generally not intended for high-speed traffic areas. The LTSA recommends users avoid busy roads and opt for safer alternatives like footpaths and shared paths whenever possible. This approach ensures the well-being of mobility scooter users and maintains harmony on the roads.

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We are here to help, that by understanding and abiding by these regulations, mobility scooter users contribute to a safer and more inclusive transportation environment, to keep themselves and others safe whilst riding across different pathways in New Zealand, Safe Scootering all.